AND receive exclusive access into Module 1 of the Millionaire Mompreneur CODE course where I break down the 3 part sales model to stand out online and enroll consistent high-ticket clients on automate.

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Our 12 Months Together Will Include:

Millionaire Mompreneur CODE

I literally turned my business model into a step-by-step roadmap (course) for you to follow to stand out and sell out bringing in 1-3 new high-ticket clients each week to your group coaching program without sales calls.  It even comes with a 30 day (or less) launch plan to go from big idea to big income.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Get your questions answered, be coached through roadblocks and connect with your coach every week for rapid growth and rapid results.

Private FB Group

Where you can connect, network and collaborate with like-minded coaches and get your biggest questions answered by Jessie on the daily.

The Bonuses:

Scripts that Sell 

Exclusive access to the email & DM scripts & landing page sales copy that increased my conversions above industry standard.

Fill in the Blank Funnel Templates

Get full access to my exact million dollar funnel templates, opt-in page, sales page, etc.

Money Making Moves Membership Access

Weekly drops - Million $ Mindset Meditations, Captivating Content prompts, BTS videos of MMP, plus monthly masterclass trainings.

What You'll Learn:

Pre-Work - Clarify Your Million Dollar Brand

Learn how to create a unique brand that stands out online above all the others that are similar

Learn how to confidently show up as a leader in your industry day in and out to bring your business baby (and life) to the next level

Learn how to be courageous and let go of the fear of being seen, judged, or misinterpreted as you step into your new life as a Millionaire Mompreneur

Phase One - Optimize Your High Ticket Program

Learn exactly how to create a high ticket signature program that you're confident will get results

Learn how kickstart cashflow and pre-sell your program before it's even created

Learn how to confidently price your program so that it's profitable and sustainable

Learn how to deliver your program in a way that transforms your clients lives but doesn't take up all your time

Phase Two - Simplify Your Marketing

Learn how to set up and launch your 3-step automated "cold to sold" marketing and sales funnel

Learn how to position yourself as an expert and enroll $5k+ clients in the DM's daily

Learn the strategy and tech automation you need to sell your program without sales calls while you're out living your life or even asleep

Learn how to systemize the back end of your program so that you don't have to hire a ton of employees as you scale

Phase Three - Amplify Your Sales To $100/Months

Learn how to increase your visibility and fill your funnel with top quality leads for more enrollments each week

Learn how to get clients to happily renew in your program

Learn how to increase your profits and add in additional complimentary income stream opportunities

Learn how to outsource/build a team, one position at a time that doesn't eat into profits

You've come too far and fought too hard to let your dreams die inside of you!

You Are The Perfect Fit To Apply If:


✔ You're ready to stop blocking yourself from your God-given calling and step into Millionaire Mompreneur status on your terms

✔ You want to build a brand that stands out online and makes a massive positive impact in people's lives.

✔ You want to create a high ticket group coaching program instead of an online course or 1:1 coaching OR you already have one that you want to scale.

✔ You can't stand the thought of getting on 10+ sales calls per week and feeling so icky afterwards. 

✔ You have the vision to take your online business to 1M in revenue and you want to do it without burnout and with as much profit as possible.

✔ You know you need more than just a DIY course, you need support and you’re ready to learn from someone who has gone before you.

What level should I be at to get the most out of this program?

This program is perfect for anyone at any level of business. If you know what you’re good at, what your business is and you would be stoked to sign on a five figure client tomorrow - this program is for you. It teaches you everything you need to know to fully book a high end 1:1 program without any sleazy, icky or pushy sales tactics. So if that’s what you are looking to master next, this is the perfect fit for you.

What if I charge less than $10,000 for my coaching package?

That’s fine! We want to stretch you and we find most of our clients are excited to and ready to charge five figure fees (even when they don’t believe that when they first join). But if you decide on charging less than that, this program will still work for you. We want you to do what is aligned and feels in integrity for you.

What if my program doesn't have a financial ROI?

High ticket is not just for business coaches or programs with a financial ROI. We will speak to this specifically in the program so you can see exactly why what you offer could be worth $10k+ and how to convey that to people (and how to market and attract clients who get it). I'm guessing your program changes people's lives and is absolutely invaluable just like the other spiritual, life, relationship, health coaches who've done this program successfully.

What do you mean by “sleazy sales tactics”? What will you not be teaching in this program?

I will not be teaching: free sessions, hiding your price, getting on the phone with people who do not have the money, going in circles over money objections, convincing people they don’t want to pay because they are holding themselves back, taking credit card information over the phone, following up with someone non stop, wasting time on calls without being sure someone is the right fit or being pushy in anyway with a potential lead. Why? None of that is required and all of that leads to subpar clients who regret buying. What I will teach is how to find, attract and sign absolute dream clients.

Is there direct access to you in the program?

My team monitors our Facebook group on a daily basis and if there are questions around the modules you need support with, we cover it in our LIVE weekly group coaching check-ins plus I pop in 1-2X per week to the group for support. If you want more access to me (daily M-F feedback, ask me anything support) you may be ready to go all in on the Millionaire Mompreneur Mastermind.

How is the content released? Do we get it all at once?

You will get all of the course content instantly upon purchase! Plus, lifetime access to the modules.