I remember holding my newborn baby (#5) at the beginning of the pandemic desperately trying to figure out how to reach my big 7-figure/year goals.

I was ready to step into my full potential and finally take my coaching biz to the next level.

...But I was already working more hours than I wanted and my husband had just been diagnosed with cancer.

It just didn't feel possible.  I was ready to give up and walk away because honestly, family was more important.

That's when it hit me (or I should say God did) that I was thinking about it all wrong. 

More doesn't always equal more.

It wasn’t until I let go of a lot of the things I thought I had to do and went all in on just mastering the ones that really worked, that things really took off.

So how do you know what tasks are wasting your time and what are worth going all in on?

Well, I did that part for you! ;) 

In this free PDF I’ve put together for you, I’ve shared the 7 tasks I focus on daily in my online coaching business along with a simple, high-impact dose of tough marketing and sales love for you so you can scale to Millionaire Mompreneur status on your terms.

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