Are you a Motivated Mom in the coaching industry?

Are you serious about attracting more clients growing a 6-7 Figure online coaching empire?

The Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator is for you:

  • You are ready to get serious in business and really make some money.
  • You are ready to deliver a true transformation to your clients.
  • You are ready to ditch the hustle and grind of exhausting launches with low-ticket offers.
  • You are ready to stand out as a true leader in your industry.
  • You are ready to eliminate 90% of the busy work and just show up, all-in for the heavy work that delivers hard results.

I have helped clients make six figures in as little as 4 weeks although those results are not typical.  6-10 months is more realistic and common inside the Accelerator.  And I will help you too.

I give lots of hands on attention in this intensive. You get 1-1 coaching plus lifetime access to the recorded trainings. You have step-by-step involvement in your business from me, a 7-figure earner.

Six+ figures requires an all out mentorship and this is what I give you when you join the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator along with a 30 day launch plan and top scaling secrets.


Imagine If…

… you could make $10k+ per month, by doing what you LOVE, helping others, and living in total abundance.

… you were able to attract high-paying clients who feel excited and ready to work with you, just by posting on social media.

… you knew how to communicate your value & expertise to potential clients, and get paid what you deserve without fear of rejection.

… you were able to help more people, provide unforgettable results, and have referrals / testimonials pouring in from your clients.

… you were able to become highly influential online, create buzz around your brand, and become the GO-TO expert in your niche landing guest expert spots in media and publications.



… you were able to create compelling content that SELLS, and attracts people to buy from you without a moment’s hesitation.

… you were able to sell your coaching services with confidence and authenticity, without feeling pushy, slimy, spammy or “salesy”.

… you were able to finally stop procrastinating and actually get things done, make money, and see REAL results.

… you had on-demand mentorship and guidance for whenever you feel “stuck” in your business – and you never had to feel alone / overwhelmed ever again.


Want to make this your reality?...

The MILLIONAIRE MOMPRENEUR ACCELERATOR is your roadmap to Millionaire Mompreneur status!


  • You’ve had a few clients (mostly due to luck) but can’t figure out how to get consistent clients through social media.

  •  You want your income results to match your efforts. #MillionaireMompreneur status.
  •  You are great at what you do, but feel lost/overwhelmed when it comes to business and marketing.

  •  You want to leverage your time and freedom by having an online business. You want the option to work from home, travel the world, quit your job, and choose your own hours.

  •  You want to stand out from the crowd, grow an audience. become an authority figure, and sell with confidence and authenticity but you don’t know how to create a compelling message and have clients coming to you on autopilot asking how to work together.

If the statements above describe YOU….

MILLIONAIRE MOMPRENEUR ACCELERATOR is the perfect solution for you.


If you've got the courage to show up for your dreams,

The Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator has the right tools to attract and convert clients into your programs, quicker and easier! 

Because, when you make the shift from doing #AllTheThings, hoping and wishing something will stick.. 

to following a simple, proven #ShowUpBlowUp strategy...

... your business (and life) will thrive over barely survive... And you'll turn your calling into your career...

... BECOMING THE #MillionaireMompreneur YOU ARE DESTINED TO BE making a bigger impact and income!

If you're ready for massive growth, the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator will give you a step-by-step formula to position yourself as an authority, generate leads predictably, charge what you're worth, and convert your connections into cash paying clients (without feeling “pushy” or “sales-y” or sacrificing yourself or your family).

You're always just one decision away from a totally different life and business.

As Nelson Mandela said, "May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears."

If you're ready to make your purpose bigger than your fears, apply to join us inside the MILLIONAIRE MOMPRENEUR ACCELERATOR.


You've come too far and fought too hard to let your dreams die inside of you!



90 Day Coaching Intensive

Private FB Group

LIVE Weekly Coaching Calls

Immediate Access into the Millionaire Mompreneur CODE - my signature 7-Figure Branding, Marketing & Sales Course 


To become a Millionaire Mompreneur, one has to believe her success is inevitable and act accordingly. Success is 90% psychology after all!


I'll teach you how to craft a program that you're sure will deliver massive results and that you feel confident to charge high-ticket premium pricing for.


I'll teach you the 5 phases to a winning webinar for our lead magnet of choice as they are the best conversion (other than YOU yourself) that you can automate. 


Set up and launch your automated marketing and sales funnel to pre-qualify only top leads to hop on a strategy/sales call with while you're living your life.


Increase your sales conversions with my Million Dollar Sales Script for success that converts at over 50% for all MMA members.


Position yourself online as a go-to leader/expert in your industry and boost your engagement with your connective content.


Leverage 3 organic visibility booster methods to grow your following and fill your funnel with top 1% leads who are ready to buy.


Learn how to scale to 7-figures quicker and easier by adding in complimentary additional income stream.



Why work with Jessie?

Three Reasons:

1. I've been a multi six and 7-Figure entrepreneur for 18 years and coaching for 6 years.  I'm not a "pop up business coach".  The Millionaire Mompreneur project™ came to be because as a mom, I no longer was willing to sacrifice myself or my family for success.  I teach a system that allows you to work less than part-time hours and build a business around the life of your dreams.

2.  I teach organic (meaning free) visibility and growth strategies that will allow you to magnetically attract new leads to you daily on autopilot so you can live your life rather than living on social media. 

3. I continually invest at premium prices in learning from the best in the industry so I can serve you better.


Who is the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator for?

The Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator was designed for experts, coaches, course creators, and consultants who want to make a bigger impact and income while building an online coaching empire in a way that is simpler and much more profitable. 


What makes the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator different?  I have invested before and actually currently have 5 other courses sitting on my computer… So why is the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator exactly what I need to grow my business?

The Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator is not just another course or another membership group.  It is MUCH MORE and MUCH LESS.  Yes, I meant to say much less.  Hear me out....  

We know that you are overwhelmed with ideas, content, courses and info that all promises success but what you are lacking, is a simple, high-impact, step-by-step proven system that tells you where to start, what to do next and then how to plan for the future of your business by doing less better.

We give you a clear outline to ditch the hustle and specific skills to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in 30-90 days and you’ll never be alone as we give 1:1 coaching each every week!  It’s the focus, accountability, guidance and support you have been craving with a whole bunch of fun with other motivated, action-taking business owners like yourself.

The Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator gives you everything you need and leaves out everything you don't when it comes to selling your genius inside a premium-pricing coaching package (without overwhelmm being pushy, having to pay for ads, and without a huge audience).

You get immediate access and daily accountability and coaching for quick success!


I have been in business for years.  Is this just for newbies?

Not at all.  Entrepreneurship can be a rollercoaster - feeling like you’ve got all figured out one minute and then you get whacked with a whole new set of problems the next minute.  The unknown is a staple in entrepreneurship but the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator is here to help you recover quicker and grow stronger through each struggle and then continue to scale to Millionaire Mompreneur status.

If you’re a newbie or struggling to get to $10k-$20k months - well then, you’ll love the simple step-by-step system we share to get you started right and bypass a lot of the growing pains on your way to Millionaire Mompreneur status.

And if you are wanting to scale to $30k-$100k months, you may want to join the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator as a WIN Circle mastermind member. DM me on IG to see when enrollment opens


My life is crazy right now... Should I wait till a better time? 

As a certified coach, I always say it's my job to tell you the things you don't want to hear.... So... Here it is.... There will never be a better time to start than NOW.  You will never feel ready.  It will always be a big investment.  So either go for it or don't. 

Some of our most successful clients are the ones who went ALL-IN despite their fears, swimming in debt, working 9-5, moving, in the middle of a divorce, or with babies in their belly or on their hip, etc....

The Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator is set up for you to build a system that works FOR you, instead of the other way around meaning you will be attracting new leads to you on autopilot daily while you're doing whatever else is important to you and in as little as 30 days.

AND PLEASE NOTE - we do limit enrollment to ensure we deliver the best experience to all members so there's no guarantee when next time will be.


What if I can't afford it?... I have a lot of debt to pay back.

I get it... I (and most of our students) never had extra money just laying around either.  The truth is, when you choose to invest in the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator, you're choosing to no longer allow your facts to become your excuses. You're deciding to stop wishing and waiting for the business and life of your dreams.  You're deciding to let go of the victim mentality becoming the hero or your story.

Right now, the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator is as cheap as it will ever be and we offer a payment option.  By joining, you're choosing to see the Millionaire Mompreneur Accelerator as an investment (not an expense) that your business and life can't flourish to new heights without.  The investment will never be easy or comfortable but when you make decisions as if failure isn't an option, everything changes for the good.  AND... It becomes easier for others to invest in you and your help confidently when you have invested in yourself.

PLUS - we give you a launch plan to make back your investment in the first 30-90 days ;) 


What if I can’t attend the live weekly coaching sessions?

You can submit your questions or thoughts in advance for discussion during the LIVE support and accountability coaching check-ins.  Plus each one is recorded an archived in the private Facebook group and in our private members only Kajabi portal.


Are there refunds?

There are no refunds (because you get immediate full access into everything you need to build your premium-pricing coach business and start making money in your first 30 days) so don't commit unless you're ready to see your dream life and business through.

The MILLIONAIRE MOMPRENEUR ACCELERATOR will give you a detailed step-by-step roadmap along with daily coaching to turn your calling into your career on your terms. It is a mompreneur's dream come true!


50% There!

I know it sucks to miss out - but I've got your back sister!

Just drop you email here, and I will let you know as soon as the doors re-open!

*** There may even be (which means there will be) exclusive flash sales, bonus offers, and other goodies for you - but only if you join the wait list! ***