You have a deep desire to make a big impact (and income) but you feel like no matter how hard you try, it's never good enough.

You have big ideas and dreams but you are frustrated and overwhelmed at how to actually turn those dreams into reality.

You've watched all the trainings, listened to all the podcasts and followed all the bossbabes on Insta who make it look an sound easy but you just don't know how to implement all the things they're telling you.

And frankly, you're burnt out and even worse... you're starting to think maybe you just don't have what it takes, that maybe success isn't possible for you...

Sound familiar? 

First of all, I want you to know... 


You are not alone.

Look... There is no denying that this business growth thing is tough.

Trust me, I've been exactly where you are!

And I know deep down that you know you are capable of making your dreams a reality (or you wouldn't be here).


Second of all....


YOU DO absolutely have what it takes.

And IT IS ALL entirely possible for you.

You just haven't found the right person to show you in the right way yet. Which is why, I'm so glad you're here!

I'm Ready To Show Up & Blow Up

Hey, I'm Jessie Harris Bouton

I am on a mission to help extraordinary women and purpose driven entrepreneurs (like you) how to unlock their potential and show up online making moves that build a stand out brand and online empire without the fluff or overwhelm, I promise!

Now let me keep it real...

I first built a 7-figure brick and mortar physical clinic in my hometown with my husband BUT.... 

Then when I came online with my coaching business, I struggled, A LOT.

So much so, I felt like a total fraud.

I was good at what I did but I just couldn't get people to see me as worth investing in for help.

And I became determined to figure out how to stand out as a leader from the tons of others who did the same thing as me.

The short story is I went from making 30k year to making 30k months and then having 30 weeks, even days.

Through a lot of trial and error, crash and burn I cracked the code of the Millionaire Mompreneur™️ and have now built a 7-figure coaching business working less than part-time hours as a busy mom of 5.


Even though Instagram can seem super complex and mysterious at times, it’s actually pretty simple to leverage (in your favor) once you understand how it works.


90% of my organic leads (that means I didn't pay for ads) comes directly from my Instagram account.

I don't pay for ads.

I don’t have a social media team.

I don't ridiculous dances all day in hopes to be seen

I don’t spend more than 20 mins a day deciding what to post.



I understand exactly who my audience is, and which types of content they want more of...

I know which types of content perform best and are most likely to go viral.

I understand how to convert viewers into followers, and then followers into paying customers. 💸

Basically, I study the current Instagram algorithm like it’s my job ( because it kind of is)...

So that YOU don’t have to.



 I don't just focus on getting big results on social media but I focus on how to become someone who *can* create big results on social media. 



And the difference IS EVERYTHING.


It's not about faking it till you make it....

It's about showing up to blow up and becoming the one the results I desired required.


You’ve seen it happen to so many other accounts and maybe even wondered “why not me?!”

You KNOW that there are thousands (if not millions) of your ideal clients/customers/students using Instagram…you just need to figure out how to find them.


You’re ready to finally have a strategy in place that includes:

  • Pinpointing your ideal “audience” and figure out where they have been hiding
  • What to post
  • How often to post
  • Planning your content strategy
  • Best ways to grow/go viral
  • All about your feed, IG stories, Reels, IG live + more (+ what the purpose is of each)
  • How to turn followers into paying clients + customers

... And more!



3 Monthly Payments




One Time Payment


Normally $497


*Lifetime Access (including future updates)*


Module 1: Millionaire Mompreneur Identity Shift  - so that your limitless impact and income is not just possible or probable but inevitable! And become the Coach that everyone wants to hire!

To achieve, you must become the one the results you desire require.  In this module, we will reprogram your self-worth to match all you dream of.  You'll become your own biggest fan and release all the guilt, shame, comparison and fear you've been carrying for far too long that's weighing you down and holding you back from building the epic life and business you dream of.

Module 2: Building a Breakthrough Brand - that not only stops the scroll and has you standing out like a leader in your industry but also has your audience searching for you daily and begging for more.

In this module, you'll learn how to create a magnetic brand that speaks to peoples souls and empowers them to take action.. with a follow, engagement, shares, saves and best of all - a sale.

Module 3: Creating Cashflow Content - that attracts dream clients every damn day like an unstoppable force of nature AND turns followers into dollars fast!

No more hoping, wishing, praying and crossing fingers when you post content that something will go viral.  In this module, you'll learn how to work smarter, not harder and create content that is always working FOR you, even while you're off living life or doing whatever the heck you want.

Module 4: Sales Queen Energy & Launch Strategy - so that scaling to 6, multi-6 or 7 Figures doesn't feel so damn hard.  The goal in this module is to help you let go of the self-imposed pressure to make sales and feel validated and embrace conviction in who you are and what you offer so you can get results that match your efforts when you launch and sell.

I'm going to break down for you the sales strategies that have generated the most income for me in my business AS WELL AS give you a behind the scenes look into the exact 7-Figure Millionaire Mompreneur™ Business Model ... AKA...  the 'do-less better model' or the 'Freedom Queen model' as we like to call it that, I am currently using to scale to multi-millions in part-time hours.